Group Order Parallelization

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In an RTS, there is often a desire to split up work between multiple units. One way to do this is to select a group of units and issue a group [[Area Commands]area command] that will target a group of units in a particular area. However, if the player would prefer to target a distinct group of units, or build a set of buildings, area commands are insufficient. Group order parallelization is the ability to split up an existing order queue amongst the units that were initially given the orders.


Once a queue of orders are assigned to a group of units, a shortcut key could be pressed to divide the orders evenly amongst the selected units.


If there are fewer targets than there are selected units, the selected units would group themselves by type, ensuring each group of units is balanced according to the task at hand. If they are different types of engineers, units might be grouped to achieve equal build speed or movement speed. If the orders are for attack, the units would be grouped by unit diversity. Units that cannot actually follow the order (engineers attacking, offensive units building), they will simply be assigned to guard the other units in their subgroup.


Once the units are assigned orders, and those orders are split between subgroups, the entire group could be issued additional orders that they will all complete once they are done their divided orders. This coud allow for a divide-and-conquer set of tasks with a coordinated effort at the end. This could all be done without losing the initial selection of units.